2014 Photo Files: Introduction

Thanks for participating in the 2014 Chicago TARDIS photo sessions! This year, we have divvyed up the sessions by day, with an “uncatagorized” gallery at the end of Sunday. These uncatagorized photos are of convention members in the photo room, without any guests in the shot. Click on the day you want to look at first. You’ll be prompted to enter the password. Do so and you’ll get access to all three days’ galleries. (At least until the next time you clear your cookies….)

Friday Photos | Saturday Photos | Sunday Photos

The password was handed out in the photo sessions, on a business-sized color card with the 12th Doctor and a word on a chalkboard. You did keep that card, right? If not, don’t worry– fill out the handy form below to get the password. (We send them out manually, so please be patient, especially over weekends.)

Please provide the following information to get the photo password. Also please allow 48 hours for the password to show up in your in-box-- we're sending out passwords manually so it will take some time.

* indicates required field

Please answer at least one of the following questions correctly to prove you were actually at the convention.

Which 2013 guest spent the 2014 con in the lobby as an effigy?

Where was Dalek Alley located?

What in addition to the TARDIS could you pose with in the photo sessions?

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