Available Music For the Chicago TARDIS Masquerade

If you choose not to create your own soundtrack to compete with (either your choice of music or a cleverly composited crafting of music and dialogue), you can choose from the following tracks to accompany you on stage:

Doctor Who 1963 (Original Delia Derbyshire Version)

Doctor Who 1970 (Stereo Delia Derbyshire Version)

Doctor Who 1972 (Delaware Version)

Doctor Who 1980 (Peter Howell Version)

Doctor Who 1986 (Dominic Glynn Version)

Doctor Who 1987 (Keff McCulloch Version)

Doctor Who 1996 (John Debney Version)

Doctor Who 2005 (Murray Gold)

Doctor Who Series 4 (Murray Gold)

Doctor Who XI (Murray Gold)

Doctor Who Theme Series 8 (Murray Gold)


City Music (The Daleks)

Marche (Galaxy Four)

A Strange Sickness (The Daleks’ Master Plan)


Space Adventure Part 2 (aka Cybermen Theme)

Univers Sideral (Tomb of the Cybermen)

Mysteries (The Invasion)


The Master’s Theme (The Mind of Evil)

The World of Doctor Who (The Mind of Evil)

The Beach (The Sea Devils)


Mysterious Robots (Robot)

Monster on the Moor (Terror of the Zygons)

Meglos (Meglos)

It’s the End (Logopolis)


March of the Cybermen (Earthshock)

The Five Doctors Extended Suite (The Five Doctors)

Resurrection of the Daleks Extended Suite (Resurrection of the Daleks)


Timelash (Timelash)

The Mark of the Rani Extended Suite (The Mark of the Rani)

Mysterious Planet Extended Suite (Trial of a Time Lord)


Time Will Tell (Remembrance of the Daleks)

Evil from the Dawn of Time (The Curse of Fenric)

Light Enlightened (Ghostlight)


Who Am I (TV Movie)

The Chase (TV Movie)


The Doctor’s Theme (Rose)

Rose’s Theme (The End of the World)

Hologram (The Parting of the Ways)


Martha’s Theme (Smith and Jones)

This Is Gallifrey: Our Childhood, Our Home

Vale Decem (The End of Time Part 2)


I Am the Doctor (Eleventh Doctor Theme)

The Majestic Tale (Of a Madman in a Box) (Day of the Moon)

Up the Shard (The Bells of St John)


Two Doctors (The Day of the Doctor)

Three Doctors (The Day of the Doctor)

Home (The Day of the Doctor)


A Good Man? (Twelfth Doctor Theme)

Missy’s Theme








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