2016 Photo Opp Files

Thanks for participating in the 2016 Chicago TARDIS photo sessions! This year, we have divvyed up the sessions by day. Click on the day you want to look at first. You’ll be prompted to enter the password. Do so and you’ll get access to all three days’ galleries. (At least until the next time you clear your cookies….)

Friday sessions | Saturday Sessions | Sunday Sessions

The password was handed out in the photo pick-up room, on a business-sized color card with the word on an iPad. You did keep that card, right? Great! Remove the hyphen from the password to get it to work. If you didn’t keep the card, don’t worry– fill out the handy form below to get the password. (We send them out manually, so please be patient, especially over weekends or the holidays.)

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Answer at least one of the following questions to confirm you were actually at Chicago TARDIS 2016:

Where could you find the 1960s TARDIS console on Friday and Saturday?
In the Parking LotIn the Gaming RoomIn Camp Time Lord

What did Tony Lee wear for Match Game during the Masquerade Half-time?
a fake goateea Santa suitan inflatable dinosaur costume

What was the focus of the convention?
there wasn't one60s companionsvillians and heroes