Guest Meet & Greets – Improved for 2017!

One of the most valuable pieces of feedback we’ve received over the past year about Chicago TARDIS is the request to variate both our daytime and nighttime programming.

We have some new and exciting activities in store for you – the first being our improved meet and greet experiences!

In the past, our meet and greets have taken place in a large programming space with a ratio of approximately 100 people to 10 celebrity guests.  Our new meet and greets will be attendee focused – less attendees per guest and of specific interests.  We will be making 20 – 30 tickets available per meet and greet event.  These new events will also be taking place in a smaller, more intimate space within the Westin hotel.  

Right now, our available meet and greets are as follows:

We will also be holding a larger meet and greet on Saturday night – much like our meet and greets from the past two years.  This meet and greet will not include all of our guests.  We will have more info on the format of our larger meet and greet later in the week.  

These meet and greets are not being held in place of autograph and photograph sessions.  Autograph and photograph tickets will be going live in about a month.

As our guest list has not yet been solidified, we may add one or two guests to any of the meet and greets.  In light of this, and the fact that these events have limited space, we suggest buying your tickets ASAP. 

All meet and greet experiences will include a free group photo – including yourself and our guests.  These experiences will also include food and beverage refreshments.  

Please direct any questions to our Contact Us area here, on this website, or at