A Message to All of Our 2017 Attendees From Our Showrunner

We know you have been patiently waiting on an announcement of what New Series guest we might be welcoming in 2017. We were trying to be very, very careful with any sort of announcement we might make this year because the effects of the 2015 cancellation still crosses our minds. We know that it crosses yours, too. Our one aim going forward was to never again set up our attendees to have to go through a cancellation, refunds, or great disappointment because a big guest was announced…only to have it taken away.

I am sad to say that we will not have a New Series guest for 2017.

Throughout the last few weeks, it has been a rollercoaster for us. We have had one major potential guest discuss an appearance with us only to promptly get a filming job. We had a second major potential guest be in serious negotiation with us (contract being looked over, nearly complete), only to drop out at the eleventh hour because of a job on the horizon. We even had a third guest who we tried scheduling in at the last minute. This guest also did not work out. All of this effort was put forth because we care about you, the attendees, and what you want to see at our convention.

We cannot deny that conventions have become more guest-oriented over the years. We know how disappointing it is that we do not have a New Series guest for 2017. However, Chicago TARDIS has always been a “by fans, for fans” venture. We have tried to celebrate the fandom by not just welcoming guests but by trying to hear your feedback about holding better and more variated programming as well as involving the local Doctor Who community as much as possible. At the core, that is what our event is truly about.

Our guests who are currently attending are excited to celebrate the fandom with all of you. We hope you feel the same about them. We are personally very excited to be commemorating the 1980s with this year’s convention theme.

We encourage you to send us a Facebook message or to e-mail us at thedoctor@chicagotardis.com if you have thoughts about this announcement. We also welcome your feedback in person. There will be a staff member located at Registration this year who will personally discuss any issues you may have with the show. I also welcome your feedback if you happen to see me around the convention floor.

At the end of the day, Chicago TARDIS is about celebrating the fandom of Doctor Who. We are looking forward to the events of next weekend, and we truly hope you all are, too.

Gene Smith