Thank you all for a wonderful Chicago TARDIS 2017!

As we sit here on the other side of the weekend, we can hardly believe the event that we all worked so hard to make happen is over!  We’ve been enjoying all of your social media posts –  positive feedback on the changes we made last year, the smiles on faces of attendees and guests alike, and the sentiments of people being eager to return in 2018.  We appreciate it all.  This is what makes the months of hard work worth it for all of us.  

Now that the weekend is over, we will be starting pre-registrations for 2018.  If you were a 2017 attendee, watch your e-mail in the coming days for a special access code so you can renew your membership.  

Our photo op gallery will also be posted toward the end of the week.  We will be issuing the password to access the gallery by e-mail.  Keep an eye on that inbox.

We’ll also be updating the look of our website and announcing guests for our 2018 convention very soon.  Though our 2017 convention is over, we are ready to move onward and upward into the future!

Thank you again for such a fabulous weekend,

~ Chicago TARDIS Staff