Press Inquiries

last updated February 10, 2017

Note that the policy below is for reference only. Our revised policy will be posted Spring, 2017.

Chicago TARDIS welcomes inquiries from broadcast and print media (i.e. network television, local/national radio, and local/national magazines and newspapers). Whether your organization wants just an interview with one or more of our guests, or would like to spend the day– or weekend– with us via a press pass, we will work with you to make your coverage of our event as easy as possible. Contact Jennifer Kelley, the Programming/Publicity Director, to get the ball rolling.

Chicago TARDIS will consider press credential requests on a case-by-case basis from major web-only news outlets. By major, we mean places like TheMarySue, io9, etc.

A press pass gets you into the convention as a general admission member– brunch, autograph and photographs, and the evening reception is not included in the pass. A press pass does not guarantee any interviews with the convention guests. You will be able to interview convention attendees and staff, however, and also record snippets of panels and other activities for use in your coverage of the event.

The convention regrets we are unable to grant press passes to independent writers, photographers, filmmakers, bloggers, podcasters, fanzine publishers, and the like. Being a fan-run event, giving press passes to everyone who asked would severely impact our bottom line. We will, however, consider interview requests from people in these categories. Note we cannot guarantee interviews. Contact Gene Smith, the Showrunner, after July 1 to be considered.

Please note that interviews are scheduled in advance only. Our guests frequently have tight weekend schedules, and will only be able to accommodate interviews pre-arranged through the convention’s Showrunner. Walk-in requests for interviews and/or press credentials will be automatically rejected, as will asking for interviews through the guests’ agents.