Our Staff


The below lists reflects the Chicago TARDIS Department Heads, and is not inclusive of everyone who staffs the convention.  

Showrunner: Gene Smith

Convention Manager: Justin Lowe

Front of the House Manager: Mike Schultz

Program Director & Video Room Manager: Steven Warren Hill
Tech Director:
Mike Olson
Stage Manager: Nick Seidler
Assistant Stage Manager: Eric Fettig
Backstage Manager: John Lavalie
Sound Manager: Robert Warnock

Sales Manager: Taylor Deatherage
Accessibility Services Manager: Mary Renee White

Photograph and Autograph Room Managers: Ken Hough, Paul Braun, Dr. Steve Holm, Tom Golando
Line Manager: Glenn Marsh
Security Chief: Jeff Niles

Charity Auction Manager: Gordon Dymowski
Masquerade & Chronological Cavalcade Directors: Carole Brown, Mary Jo Chrabasz
Gaming Manager: Libby Donohew
Camp Time Lord Manager: Jeff Daitsman 
Vendor Room Manager: Justin Lowe

Hospitality Manager: Cristal Martinez
Guest Liaison Manager: Ruth Ann Stern
Volunteer Manager: Dan Weber
Official Convention Photographers: Dennis Kytasaari, Jack Svetlik
Social Media Manager: Taylor Deatherage