Our Staff

Last updated July 28, 2017

The below lists reflects the Chicago TARDIS Department Heads and Con Com members, and is not inclusive of everyone who staffs the convention.

Showrunner: Gene Smith

Front of the House Manager: Mike Schultz

Back of the House Manager: Justin Lowe

Tech Director: Mike Olson
Stage Manager: Nick Seidler
Assistant Stage Manager: Eric Fettig
Backstage Manager: John Lavalie
Sound Manager: Robert Warnock
Video Room Manager: Steven Warren Hill

Registration/Ticket Sales Manager: Taylor Deatherage
Accessibility Services Manager: Mary Renee White

Photograph and Autograph Room Managers: Ken Hough, Paul Braun, Dr. Steve Holm, Tom Golando
Line Manager: Glenn Marsh
Security Chief: Jeff Niles

Charity Auction Manager: Gordon Dymowski
Masquerade & Chronological Cavalcade Directors: Carole Brown, Mary Jo Chrabasz
Gaming Manager: Libby Donohew
Camp Time Lord Manager: Jeff Daitsman 
Vendor Room Manager: Justin Lowe

Hospitality Manager: Cristal Martinez
Guest Liaison Manager: Ruth Ann Stern
Volunteers Manager: Dan Weber
Official Convention Photographers: Dennis Kytasaari, Jack Svetlik