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Our attendees are the heart of our convention.  We have heard your feedback on the desire to make our programming more variated and inclusive. We enjoyed reading all of your e-mails and panel suggestions for 2017.  Our next step is finding passionate panelists that can talk about the suggested topics.

Below are the chosen fan suggested, fan participation panels that take place in our alternative programming spaces.  These are not all of the panels that will be featured in our alternative programming – just the ones that require volunteer panelist participation.  Our full list of alternative programming will be available very soon alongside the rest of our programming schedule.

If you would like to participate in any of the panels described on this page, you have until October 15th to fill out the form below the panel descriptions.  

After October 13th, we will be contacting our panelists to confirm that they are on their chosen panel(s).  We will accommodate as many attendees as we can on each panel.  

Please remember that we may not be able to accommodate every panelist request.  

Please contact us if you have any questions!


Our 2017 Alternative Programming


Get It Out 
This is your chance to get the things that bother you about Doctor Who off your chest.  This isn’t an opportunity to “hate on” aspects of Doctor Who, but discuss continuity, companion pros and cons, plot points you wished the show would have explored, and many other pet peeves found throughout the fandom.

Beginners Guide to Cosplaying 
Does the art of cosplay intimidate you?  Don’t worry!  This is your opportunity to learn the basics of cosplaying in a judgment-free environment.  

Wonder Woman and the DCEU
Wonder Woman was the hit of the summer box office.  We will discuss the impact this movie has had on overall media and how the DCEU is finally being looked at as a “major player” among modern film franchises.

Countdown to Infinity War
Are you ready to see your favorite characters in the MCU finally come together?  So are we!  We’ll discuss projected positives and pitfalls of the largely anticipated Infinity War film.

Getting Animated
Many of the missing Doctor Who episodes are now being pieced together using animation and other means of reconstruction.  We discuss how Whovians might feel about this form of delivering the missing episodes to fandom.

The Doctor as Teacher: Timeless Lessons for Generations of Whovians
We will discuss how Doctor Who has taught its fans the concepts of compassion, representation, intersectionality, and problem solving over its 50+ years in existence.  

Doctor Who Through a Musical Lens
We will discuss the music of Doctor Who!  Classic Who, New Who, recurring themes, featured bands both real and fictional – we’ll cover it all!

Generations of Gaming
The idea of gaming and being a “gamer” looks very different now than it did at the advent of the video game industry.  We’ll talk about the evolution of this form of entertainment – from a few pixels on your living room TV screen to modern day streaming.  

Beginners Guide to Prop and Costume Collecting
Have you ever wondered where to begin when it comes to prop and costume collecting in the world of Doctor Who?  Look no further.  Long time collectors will discuss their journeys, the pieces in their collections, and give you tips on starting your own collection.

Staging Your Cosplay
You’ve worked long and hard on your cosplay, now it needs to make its debut!  We will give you ideas on how you can expertly stage and photograph your cosplay – without breaking the bank!

It’s a Family Affair
Do you have a group or family cosplay that you want to get done but don’t know where to start?  Whether you have a large budget or small, whether you sew or just like to pick up your cosplay pieces from the thrift store, this panel is for anyone with the drive to want to build that perfect group cosplay.

Harry Potter: After the Epilogue
In a “post-epilogue” world, how are Potter fans coping?  We discuss what the future of the Harry Potter fandom has in store – from Cursed Child all the way to four (!) more Fantastic Beast films.  What else will the incomparable J.K. throw our way?

Who’s on First?
Big Finish Productions has just announced a new First Doctor serial featuring the cast of An Adventure in Space and Time.  Though this cast has portrayed William Hartnell and his companions fabulously, how does fandom feel about this audio recast?  How do Whovians feel about past and possible future recasts in the world of Doctor Who?  

Prop Building and Costuming Beyond Fabric 
Not all cosplay is created equal.  There are many ways to cosplay that don’t involve fabric.  We’ll explore the materials that cosplayers often use in prop building and “heavier” costume making as well as learning how to use these materials yourself.

Meetups, Tweets, and Fandom, Oh My!
Fan groups exist throughout the internet, but many also have a large presence through local meetups.  We’ll have members of the Chicago Doctor Who meetup group as well as individuals from other Whovian fan groups talk about the vast space in which we socialize as a fandom.

Costuming Research 
Are you looking for that screen accurate outfit, a convincing look-a-like, a unique clothing pattern?  Cosplayers spend a significant portion of their prep time on research!  Come and discuss the methods by which fellow cosplayers find the perfect costuming resources.

The Collegiate World and Doctor Who
Local Doctor Who collegiate clubs come together to discuss various aspects of the long-running sci-fi show.  

Star Trek: To Discovery and Beyond
Star Trek is back on our TV screens after twelve long years!  We discuss our feelings on the new series, Star Trek: Discovery, and our vision for the future of the fandom.

Change, My Dear…Not a Moment Too Soon
History was made in the Doctor Who fandom with the canonical casting of Jodie Whittaker as our first female Doctor.  We will respectfully discuss the implications of and reactions to this year’s exciting announcement.

The Twelfth Doctor: A Look Back
Peter Capaldi’s time as the Doctor is rapidly coming to a end.  We’ll discuss the upcoming Christmas episode, Capaldi’s run as the Doctor, and the highs and lows of the Twelfth Doctor Era.

The Value of Multi-Doctor Stories
We’ve had a lot of multi-Doctor stories over the years on television and in audio and books and comics, with another multi-Doctor episode coming up for Christmas. Does having multiple Doctors enrich the viewing, listening, or reading experience? How does the excitement ramp up when a past Doctor comes back for more?

Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven
Let’s talk about the best things in Doctor Who from the TV Movie in 1996 all the way through the conclusion of the Matt Smith era.

How to Introduce Newbies to Doctor Who
One of the most common questions we hear is “I’d like to try Doctor Who, but where do I start?” The number of possible answers probably exceeds the number of episodes – nevertheless, we’ll dig deep into this topic!


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