We love cosplayers at Chicago TARDIS! In addition to admiring your work in the halls (and featuring some of the costumes on our social media), we offer the following special costuming events:

The Chronological Cavalcade is a non-competitive showcase for the varied and wonderful world of Whovian cosplay. Friday evening of the convention will feature a parade of costumers in chronological order across one of our featured stages. The Chronological Cavalcade is open to any age, but participants thirteen and under must have a parent or guardian with them. The parent/guardian does not need to go on stage with them, but must be nearby or with them in the green room area. Participants must sign in with a Chronological Cavalcade staff member 30 minutes before the start of the event. Rules and a sign-up form will be available online in the summer.

The Chicago TARDIS Masquerade
is the showpiece of the convention. A judged competition, the Masquerade brings together the best in Doctor Who costuming on one stage. Rules are available on the Masquerade page right now!

The Children’s Costume Parade takes place Sunday afternoon. No pre-registration required– just show up at Camp Time Lord 10 minutes before the kick-off time! One of our convention Daleks will lead the way through the convention. Don’t worry, though– the Doctor will be on-hand to protect everyone!