Evening Events

Think Chicago TARDIS wraps up as the sun sets? Think again! We have a plethora of events both Friday and Saturday night!

Friday Evening

The Live Charity Auction benefiting our chosen charity. (Charity to be announced in the spring.) The auction gives you a great chance to get your hands on some rare Doctor Who items while helping out a worthy cause. More on our charity auctions on the Auction page.

The Chronological Cavalcade. This non-competitive costume parade lets you show off your favorite Doctor Who cosplay on one of our featured stages. More information and a registration page will be available late summer.

The Friday Evening Meet and Greets. A number of our actor guests gather with a small amount of attendees for meet-and-greet experiences. (Extra fee to attend; limited tickets available.)

The Don’t Blink Dance Party. Put on your red shoes and dance the blues at this 80’s New Wave theme dance extravaganza. The party starts after 9:30 p.m. and goes into the early hours.

Saturday Evening

The Chicago TARDIS Masquerade. The showpiece of the convention, the Masquerade gathers the best in Doctor Who costuming in one place for prizes and glory. Rules and a registration page will be available late summer.

Match Game. Our traditional halftime show for the Masquerade, 

The Saturday Evening Guest Reception. A number of our actor guests gather with a small amount of attendees for an enjoyable meet-and-greet. (Extra fee to attend; limited tickets available. Participating guest(s) will be announced closer to the convention.

Either Friday or Saturday Evening, Depending On Other Special Events

Game Shows. Sometimes it’s a trivia contest (such as the $20,000 Pyramid of Mars or The Power of Three), sometimes it’s something more creative (such as Kamelion’s Circus). No matter what the format, these shows give you the chance to hop up on stage and show off your knowledge and/or cleverness for fun and prizes.

Mysterious Theatre 337. Now entering its third decade, Mysterious Theatre 337 puts a Doctor Who twist on the Mystery Science Theater 3000 concept: a group making fun of what’s going on in a Doctor Who story. A fully-scripted show, you’re invited to laugh along with the performance, but save the wise-cracking for yourself.

Grown-Up Craft Party. Are you a grown-up who likes crafting, but was turned away from Camp Time Lord? Grown-ups can come in and try their hand at the Camp Time Lord crafts during the evening(s).

Special One-Off Events

The evening isn’t always exclusively attendee-driven: sometimes our convention guests will take a turn on stage after hours. Previous Chicago TARDIS conventions have hosted performances of Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf (Toby Hadoke), Love Letters (Colin Baker and Louise Jameson), My Stepson Stole My Sonic Screwdriver (Toby Hadoke), My Gay Best Friend (Louise Jameson and Nigel Fairs), and special one-man happenings with both Frazer Hines and John Levene. Will 2017 feature a star turn? Only time and tides can tell….