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Premium Membership Pricing Unleashed!

Here’s all the details on membership pricing that we have so far. Our General Admission Membership pricing hinges right now on where we materialize this year. Also, note we’ve doubled our Priority Membership limit for 2015. For those who budget, assume no more than $130/night for the room and $15/day parking. Reserved Memberships (Limit 150) […]

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Dates Announced For Membership Sales

Dearest companions—we know you’ve been waiting on word when Chicago TARDIS 2015 membership sales would go on sale. We thank you for your patience! We’re delighted to inform you about the following dates: Sunday, March 1, noon CST Our Reserved Members from Chicago TARDIS 2014 will be able to purchase Reserved memberships for Chicago TARDIS […]

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Your February Update

Yeah, it’s weird, right? Here it is, already February, and no announcement about location or membership sales yet! Let me lay on you what’s going on behind the scenes right now. Hotel: The coordinates are fuzzy right now, but clarity should return soon. (Don’t you hate cryptic messages? Seriously, though, we can’t say anything further […]

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