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Substituting Art for Words

We regret to announce that Tony Lee had to bow out of attending Chicago TARDIS this year due to other, personal commitments. We’ve already extended an invite to him for 2016, so we’re in hopes of seeing him then. Joining us, however, will be comic book artist Christopher Jones. Christopher’s work has graced the pages […]

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It’s The Guest Guessing Game!

Can you guess the latest guests by these clues? (And no fair scrolling around the homepage where you can see them listed!) 1) He’s always been the editor, if you came to Doctor Who through the 21st century version. 2) You’d have to go myles to burn this torchwood. 3) 867-5309 Oh, okay, here’s our […]

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It’s A Telos Invasion!

No hotel, no membership sales… but two more guests! Joining us at Chicago TARDIS 2015 will be the dynamic duo of David J. Howe and Sam Stone. David, you know, from Telos Publishing– purveyors of delightful Doctor Who analysis and history tombs. He’s also the Howe behind Howe’s Transcendental Toybox, a definitive guide to the […]

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