Autograph & Photo Opps

last updated November 16, 2016

Here are our 2016 policies, procedures, and pricing!

Photographing the Guests Outside of the Photo Session

We understand that getting a photo with an actor guest is important and we provide photo op sessions in which to do so. We ask that you not ask to take a photo with them if you see them in the hall or on the way to a panel. This can be awkward for the guest and, while most will gladly pose for the picture, the convention loses out on money we need to help pay the bills. We want to keep the price of admission as low as possible for everyone, so please go to the photo session for the actor guests.

We will allow you to photograph the guest signing your item for “Certificate of Authenticity” purposes; however, you will not be able to have your photo taken with the guest during the autograph sessions.

The Art of the Line

This year, we pledge to keep it simple! We still require numbers by which to organize you all when you line up for autograph and photo sessions—but we’re making it as easy as possible! No need to line up hours in advance for a session. (In fact, you actually can’t line up for a session until one hour beforehand!)

If You Bought In Advance

We will make you a cheat sheet, with all the places you are in line for every session you bought online. If you’re a premium member (All-Access, Reserved, Priority), you will get your cheat sheet with your badge at Registration. If you’re a General Admission member, you can pick up your cheat sheet from Autograph/Photo Sales (in the Grand Ballroom coatroom nearest the bell stand) on Thursday night, or from the Line Management table (across from the Junior Ballroom) the rest of the weekend.

If You Buy At the Con

If you’re interested in buying photograph or autograph opportunities while at the convention, you can do one of two things:

  • Visit the autograph/photograph sales booth near the Grand Ballroom.
  • Use Eventbrite to purchase the sessions.

If you buy in person, you’ll get a line number. If you don’t buy in person at the con, you’ll be shoved to the back of the line.

Sales for any given session cuts off 1 hour before the session starts. We will accommodate people in a waiting line after the cut-off, but will not guarantee admittance. 

Pricing for this year’s Chicago TARDIS Autograph and Photo Opps

Please note: unless otherwise indicated each photograph and autograph session will take place each day a guest is scheduled to appear at the convention. (So, Michelle Gomez will have autograph and photo opps on Friday and Saturday; everyone else will have autograph and photo opps Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.) Remember to print out your autograph and photo tickets and bring them to the convention with you– it will be the fastest way to get checked in for your session!

Online sales have concluded as of November 16. We have closed sales for now in order to properly assign line numbers for each session… that way you won’t have to wait for hours to actually get that photo or autograph!

Autograph and photo opps will go back on sale Friday, November 25  at 9 a.m  CST at the convention and via the Eventbrite app.  Although we try to get everyone into a session who wants an autograph or photo, please note that we will only guarantee admission to those who buy their tickets in advance online.

Limit of four autographs per member per guest per session. You must buy an autograph ticket for every item you want signed. Up to 4 people can be in a photograph (in addition to the actor guest(s). You will receive an 8″ x 10″ hard copy of your photo, and will have the opportunity to download your photos in jpg format approximately 2 weeks after the convention ends. No ticket refunds will be issued unless the guest(s) involved cancel out of attending the convention.

Michelle Gomez$45$45
Frazer Hines$25$25
Louise Jameson$25$25
John Leeson$25$25
Wendy Padbury$25$25
Peter Purves$25$25
Deborah Watling$25$25
Anneke Wills$25$25
Big Finish (Chapman, Greenwood, Haigh-Ellery, Treloar)$30
(Saturday only)
Free on a Big Finish item; nominal charge otherwise (to be sold at-con only)
Louise Jameson, John Leeson , K-9 Photo$50
1960s Companions Group Photo$100
Hartnell Duo Photo (Purves, Wills)$40
(Sunday only)
"Highlander" Duo Photo (Hines, Wills)$40
(Sunday only)
Troughton Trio Photo (Hines, Padbury, Watling)$60
(Sunday only)
You and the Daleks Photo$10
(Sunday only)
You and the 1960s TARDIS Console Photo$10
(Sunday Only)


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