Autographs & Photos

last updated January 5, 2016

We’re revising our procedures and policies for Autograph and Photo Session sales, lines, etc. for 2016 and will update this page in the fall, once things have been finalized. In the meantime, please enjoy what we’ve learned from last year’s event:

First, we will absolutely not put reception and autograph/photo opportunities (opps) on sale so far in advance that we have to do a ton manual refunds. Not fair to you, and takes up way too much time.

Second, we will simplify the exchange/refund process should a guest cancel out on us after we put autograph/photo opps– i.e. instead of trying to accommodate all sorts of requests, we will make it a straight “Session X will be exchanged for Session Y. If this exchange doesn’t work for you, then we will issue a refund.” That way, we can actually start issuing refunds prior to the convention. (This year we elected to wait until after the convention, in order to accommodate as many kinds of exchanges as possible. Good idea, in theory. In practice– clearly not.)

Third, at the convention itself, members who buy photo/autograph opps in advance will not have to wait in a second line to get an actual, physical ticket. We will be investing in equipment to make sure we can scan your receipt, thereby saving you time a line that really shouldn’t exist.


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