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last updated November 15, 2015

Another year, another tweak to our procedures. Please read through these instructions so that you have the best experience possible in obtaining your autographs and photographs.

Get Your Tickets Prior to Lining Up

Whether you ordered your autograph and photograph tickets online in advance, or you plan on buying tickets at the convention itself, you will have to pick up your tickets prior to getting in line for the actual autograph or photograph. All tickets this year will be distributed at our new Ticketing Center, located in the cloakroom just outside the Grand Ballroom.

Ticketing Center hours will be:
Friday 8a.m. to 9a.m. for All-Access, Reserved and Priority – 9a.m. to 5 p.m.
Saturday 9a.m. to 5 p.m.
Sunday 9a.m. to 3p.m.

These tickets serve both as your admission into a given session and as your assigned place in line at our Virtual Queue.

Autograph/Photo Session Ticket Details

Please note: you must have 1 ticket per photograph taken (regardless of the number of people (up to 4) in the picture), and 1 ticket per autograph signed (up to 4 items per session with a single person, but each item needs a ticket). If you want to buy additional tickets for more autographs or want to go in with someone in a different autograph/photo op group you will be placed in the later of the ticket groups when lining up.

Sessions may sell out, so be sure to purchase your tickets as far in advance as possible. We ask that you buy your session ticket no later than one hour prior to the start of a particular session. All session sales cut off an hour prior to the session (with the exception of 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. sessions, which cut off at the session start). After the sales cut-off, we will—at our discretion—issue a limited number of standby tickets. These standby tickets will give you a chance to purchase an autograph or photograph should time in the session allow. These sales will be cash only in the Auto/Photo room.

If you’re interested in purchasing photos of our guests for autographing purposes, you will find a selection of photos in the Dealers’ Room. No photos for purchase will be available in the autograph sessions, so make sure you stop by the photo table if you want to buy a photo prior to getting in line for your session. You may bring in your own photos (including the prints from our photo sessions) and other items to get signed, too—but we ask you keep photos to a PG-13 rating.

The Low-Down On Lining Up

Come by any time the doors to the Virtual Queue Holding Room are open, located in the Cypress room, past the bathrooms. We have a lovely room that you can hang out in, with seats and fellow fans to chat with.

At your session time, please come to the Virtual Queue Holding Room and listen to the announcements made by the lines staff (in the Chicago TARDIS yellow lines staff scarves), who will line you up by group letter and number. Groups of 10-12 people will be brought from the Virtual Queue Holding Room to the autograph/photograph room to minimize the actual time spent standing in line.

If you have a later queue ticket you don’t need to stay in the virtual queue room. You can check back periodically at the Virtual Queue Desk or in the Virtual Queue Holding Room to see when we are getting close to your group. If you miss your group (and the session is still going), don’t panic, you still have a spot reserved. You will be placed at the start of the next group.

If you arrive after the session has ended, you will not get an autograph or photograph. NO refunds or exchanges will be issued, so please make sure to check frequently if you choose to leave the Virtual Queue Holding Room before your group is called.

All-Access Members (group A) will be called first, then Reserved Members (group B), then Priority Members (group C), then everyone else (based on the Virtual Queue letter and Number on the ticket). Our friendly and helpful Line Management staff will direct you where to go and when to move forward in line.

If you have physical issues that make standing in line difficult even for this shortened period, we will accommodate those needs—but please check in with our Accessibility Services department to register for this service. (You may be eligible for other accommodations, too; you won’t know unless you register!)

Photographing the Guests Outside of the Photo Session

We understand that getting a photo with an actor guest is important and we provide photo op sessions in which to do so. We ask that you not ask to take a photo with them if you see them in the hall or on the way to a panel. This can be awkward for the guest and, while most will gladly pose for the picture, the convention loses out on money we need to help pay the bills. We want to keep the price of admission as low as possible for everyone, so please go to the photo session for the actor guests.

We will allow you to photograph the guest signing your item for “Certificate of Authenticity” purposes; however, you will not be able to have your photo taken with the guest during the autograph sessions.

Find out the session pricing over on this page.

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