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last updated October 1, 2015

This year, we aim to streamline the autograph/photo process as much as possible.

Online, Prior to the Convention

Our autograph and photo opportunities go on sale October 1 for our Premium Members, October 5th for our General Admission Members. Sales will continue until Saturday, November 14th. To encourage online sales, we will offer our All-Access and Reserved members special discounts on most autograph and photo opportunities—and will offer everyone a sweet “TARDIS Twelve” autograph package that will offer significant savings over buying the autographs individually.

We will base final session scheduling on the basis of how many online tickets have been sold—so, to make sure you get into a session, buy online!

Once online sales stop, don’t panic! You will be able to buy into autograph and photo sessions at the convention itself. We cut online sales off when we do so we have plenty of time to organize and pre-stuff your ticket order packets.

At The Convention

This year, you will pick-up your pre-paid autograph/photo tickets at the same place you purchase on-site tickets: the cloakroom near Main Programming. Signs will point you in the right direction. (Those of you who have been with us before will know the location as a) our former Registration spot (2008-2013) and b) our former Charity Auction spot (2014).)

You will be pre-assigned a virtual queue spot at the time you pick up your tickets, based on which membership tier you have and when you bought your tickets. With a pre-assigned space, you don’t have to wait in long lines to get your autograph or photo. If you still like the process of lining up, we will once again offer our Virtual Queue Waiting Room. Our Line Management Staff will continue to assist you in where to stand when.

Things to Keep in Mind

We won’t be offering every possible autograph or photo session every day. Some sessions may happen only once or twice during the course of the weekend. If you don’t see a favorite guest listed for photos or autographs on a given day, make sure to check the other days for that session.

Autograph sessions may run long. We try to get everyone who wants an autograph through—and usually our guests will accommodate this extra signing time.

General Admission Members are not guaranteed autographs or photographs. We will make sure that everyone who paid online gets their autograph or photo, though—so, buy ahead of time.

Autograph and photo sessions may run into the evening. Keep this in mind when planning how long you will be at the convention on a given day.

If a guests changes his/her appearance schedule or cancels out of the convention completely, we will let you swap into other sessions, or, if necessary, give you a refund for that session you’ve pre-bought for.

You must have a convention membership that covers the day you’re buying session tickets for. For example, if you buy tickets for Paul McGann’s Friday photo session, you need a membership that covers Friday (either Friday-only, Weekend, or a Premium Membership).

Find out the session pricing over on this page.

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